Massive Black Friday Brawl Breaks Out In Front Of JC Penny!

In an age that is supposedly suppose to be computer savvy and all that with their hacking skills and understanding code and what not…it’s surprising that these young idiots didn’t just do their Black Friday shopping from home, from the comfort of their own computers or phones.

Instead they decided to go to JCPenny’s and start a brawl over ….you guessed it, black Friday sale items. The same items you can get for the same price on their website.

However…even if you couldn’t, that is no excuse for this ridiculous behavior. You can very easily see some of these kids really just wanting to get some attention. They weren’t mad, no they weren’t offended or trying to save the world. They were simply getting involved because…their ego told them to.

What a waste of brain space. Intellect has gone out the door and disappeared with some of our youth today, and in it’s place we have … nothing. Just an empty head waiting for the first opportunity to be offended or ….angry.

Anyhow, check this brawl out. It’s no joke, and it seemed to be unstoppable. In cases like this though…I prefer to pull a number that my Dad did on my Brothers and I growing up.

He put some boxing gloves on each of us when we would fight and said… “Fine if you’re going to be stupid and fight, you might as well be smart about it as best you can. Now go and beat yourselves up the proper way.”

Wouldn’t that be something? Stopping these fools you are about to watch to put some boxing gloves on them and give them an audience and say… ‘ok children, now go and continue to make fools of yourself…you have our undivided attention’

In a perfect world…

WARNING: The commentator of this video…really like to emphasize his disbelief with colorful language.

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