All Black High School Volleyball Team Kneels During National Anthem: Anti-Police Hysteria Spreads

I don’t know what I hate more: Colin Kaepernick’s “protest” of the national anthem, or that we’re still all talking about it.

I don’t even watch football, but it seems that everyone and their mother (including Kaepernicks, whose denounced his protest) has commented on him. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback thinks that we live in a nation where blacks are oppressed.

We also live in a nation that allows black to vocally express that they feel oppressed. What do you think happens to people who speak out in ISIS territory? They certainly don’t get positive feedback from the Caliph (Kaepernick got a positive response from Obama). They also don’t tend to earn $19 million a year to pass around a football.

But whatever, he has his right to protest. The only disturbing part is that he’s creating a trend, further spreading anti-police hysteria. As Universal Free Press reported:

They are protesting the expectation of civility. They are protesting police officers who risk their lives to protect people who hate their guts. They are protesting an Anthem that represents all of us.  Now the coaches and faculty of DeSoto High School outside Dallas Texas are encouraging anti-police protests during sporting events. Coincidently DeSoto is over 70% African American, and no instances of police brutality have occurred in the area, but that doesn’t stop the people in leadership positions from taking the low integrity and ignorant position that police are just out to get blacks.

What these coaches and students don’t realize is that when the rest of the country sees people rioting, attacking news crews, spitting on cops, etc. they don’t sympathize or even care to understand the self proclaimed “victimhood”.

This could have been a coachable moment, this could have been an opportunity to explain to a group of young ladies that cops are not bad, that the statistics do not back up the lies and narrative pushed by BLM, and that not honoring our flag and our Anthem because of a lie, is going to be met with much deserved criticism. If parents, coaches, and faculty want to support this show of free speech, they have that right, but they should make sure these young ladies understand that the critical free speech directed back at them WILL NOT qualify them as victims.

You know, if anything is going to end police shootings, it isn’t going to be a bunch of athletes refusing to stand for the national anthem.

The overwhelming majority of police shooting are justified. The suspect shot had a gun himself, was reaching for a weapon, or was resisting arrest in a way that put the officer’s safety in danger. Even in many cases of unarmed men being shot by police, they were shot while attacking someone.

No cop is going to reach for his gun and then have some sort of revelation as the imagery of Colin Kaepernick kneeling comes to mind. Police shootings won’t go away from police changing their behavior – it’ll go away when criminals stop putting police in the position where they have to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, these protestors have yet to comment on the 90 percent of blacks killed by other blacks.

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