Black Hillary Thug Who Set Fire To His Own Church & Spray Painted “Vote Trump” Just Got MASSIVE Dose of Karma!

A while back a Mississippi man with a criminal record wrap sheet that spans pages was found to have burned an black American church and spray painted the words “Vote Trump” on it. He was arrested this past Wednesday.

The churches bishop said the man was a member of the congregation. He is forty five year old Andrew McClinton was arrested in Greenville and is an black American himself. State officials indicate they do not feel politics played a role but their were possible efforts to make people think it was politically motivated.

The members of the baptist church targeted immediately had to start attending a predominantly white local church where they can worship until the repairs are completed. It is unknown if they are back in their church yet.

His criminal record includes a 1991 conviction where he was sentenced to three years probation for a grand larceny charge. Then he was sentenced to seven years for attempted robbery. He is now awaiting his sentencing in Greenville Municipal Court.

Little is known other than the basic facts of the case. But it is very clear the perpetrator of this terrible crime wanted to make it look like a Donald Trump supporter is the one who committed this crime. Likely in an attempt to try and make his supporters look like they are hateful bigots. It would not be the first time a person faked a crime against a person of color or minority in order to try and garner attention and make themselves appear oppressed.

Hopefully this man has the book thrown at him so that he can never commit a crime like this ever again. He is nothing more than a race baiter, along the same lines as people like Michael Moore, George Soros, and Al Sharpton. Who create chaos and disorder to have something to blame.

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