Pissed Off Black Hosts UNLOAD On Obama For Ignoring Anti-White Hate Crimes

Four black Chicago teens arrested for hate crimes against a white disabled male have sent the Internet into a frenzy. There hasn’t been this much craziness on the Internet since we watched Hillary Clinton lose the election TWICE.

The suspects have been captured and charged with hate crimes, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Many prominent black figures in the media are asking questions. Where are people like Reverend Al Sharpton? Where’s the Civil Rights Movement folks? Where’s Cornell Brooks? Where are all the people who would’ve been the first people to stand up and cry outrage if this were white people torturing a black person?

Where are they? Where they going?


They fell off the face of the Earth. They cannot believe these four Chicago teens would do such a hate crime and they’re speechless. They have NOTHING to say because they know America is just drooling at the opportunity to pounce on these losers like they pounce on the white population every time a cop faces scrutiny for putting a slug in a thug.

Cops can’t do their jobs without facing outlandish claims from the racist leftists African Americans. This clearly is not how all black people feel, just the ones on the left who protect criminals instead of standing up for the police officers.

The Chicago hate crime is a prime example of how things can go in the other direction and the people respond appropriately. Where were the riots? Where was the outrage? All people did was follow this crime and post a ton of comments on the Internet. No one rioted. No one looted. People acted appropriately.


Where is good ol’ illiterate Al Sharpton to condone this violence from HIS people? The torture victim is white, so he’s not black enough for Al Sharpton? There’s no way for him to play the race card? Only black folks can be victims in Al’s mind, right?

Al Sharpton has not ever stood for something meaningful in his entire life as a career hack.

He’s only in it for the money. He will protect a dead black drug dealer if someone paid him enough, especially if they were shot by a white cop.

We know his grimy scumbag game.

Even black people think Al Sharpton is a piece of sh*t.

Here’s Diamond and Silk, two very prominent people in the media who’ve taken the Internet by storm. You can’t get more classy and awesome than these two lovely ladies.

I love that they have so much to say, such strong voices, and they’re wonderful because they understand how the world really works.

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