Black ‘Hothead’ Senator’s SICK Secret Just Exposed When Feds Find What He’s Hiding At His House And It’s BAD

Brooklyn, New York has the reputation of being a little more rough and tumble than, say, Manhattan and it’s possible that they will let a few more indiscretions slide than their slightly more sophisticated neighbors. However, one state senator might be taking it a little too far.

Sen. Kevin Parker of Brooklyn has already earned himself some serious street cred after he was found guilty of two counts of criminal mischief stemming from an assault on a Post photographer. While it’s not been formally looked into, he’s also allegedly roughed up a traffic agent and just generally gets in trouble for verbally trashing his rivals.

Now, apparently, he’s also a tax evader. This less than squeaky clean state senator apparently owes more than $50k in outstanding property taxes and water bills according to government records reviewed by The New York Post.

Parker owns several properties, some of which were inherited, and he claims that the tax debt is stemming from his mother’s inability to pay the taxes when she lived there.  However, at his personal residence, a property at 3613 Ave. H in Brooklyn, where he lives, the property taxes haven’t been paid in more than three years, according to city Department of Finance records. There’s an outstanding balance of $18,642.83 in property taxes due plus $2,445.06 in penalty interest, for a total of more than $21,087.89 in arrears, city records show.

Parker is also either owner or half owner of several other pieces of real estate. He is a 50% co-owner of 186-23 Foch Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens and full owner at another residence at Foch Boulevard that shows outstanding property taxes of $10,712.22 and $6,563 in interest for missed payments going back to 2008. The total overdue balance is $17,275.22.

Additionally, the good senator owes $14,285.98 in outstanding water bills that go back to 1997 on the Queens property.

All told, Parker owes the city $52,649.09. That’s a whole lot of miss-placed bills.

Via The New York Post:

“I inherited the properties,” said Parker, who was elected to the New York Senate in 2002. “I also inherited the tax liability.”

“My mother didn’t keep up with the tax payments,” he said.

“I did not know. I’m taking care of it now. I’m making current and back payments.

He explained that his brother, Glen, a city government worker, is dealing with the outstanding taxes and water bills at the Foch Boulevard residence, though he is legally responsible as well.”

Well, if you say so, but if I were one of his constituents, I’d be worried not only about his money managing skills, but his morals as well. What exactly does he mean by “dealing with the outstanding taxes and water bills?” If I were someone in the city of Brooklyn, I’d be looking into that.

Somebody’s got a lot of explaining to do.

(Source: New York Post)

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