Black Inner-City Teen Refused To Play Victim Card, For His Efforts He Received EPIC Surprise! WOW!

16-year old teen Chauncy Jones Black’s life was changed when a musician from Memphis, Tennessee, Matthew White, gave him an amazing gift after Black went searching for a way to pay for food for himself and his mother.

WHBQ reported last week that White set up a GoFundMe account for Black and his mother and raised over $136,000 in order to assist the boy and his mother. The donations continue to roll in.

White informed the boy that he intended on using the money to pay for a home for both Chauncy and his mother and it left them both incredibly emotional. In the best possible way!

Chauncey’s mother Barbara Martin said,

“I don’t know what to say, what to do. Chauncy told me not to cry, but I might break down in tears.”

It all begin when White wrote a Facebook status about his run in with Chauncy. White met the boy after exiting a Kroger grocery store. Here is what White said,


When White took the boy home he found his mother was very frail and the house was very dilapidated and not suitable for living. It didn’t even have a proper refrigerator. After, White started the GoFundMe page and now it is up to $317,000 in donations.

If you yourself would like to donate click here.

In a world where tragedy strikes constantly like the Orlando massacre, and the terrorist attack in Turkey it’s always good to get a nice heartfelt story to hear about.

This certainly shows you their are poor people out their willing to make honest, hard earned money and aren’t looking for handouts but a hand up.

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