Black kids kill each other over expensive shoes in order to deal with poverty, says moron on MSNBC


From Right Scoop: So earlier we awarded the “what’s the stupidest thing I can say on MSNBC” award to the [deep breath] assistant-professor-of-women-and-gender-­and-Africana-studies-at-Rutgers-Universi­ty, Brittney Cooper.

Well, here’s your runner up!! It’s Mychal Denzel Smith, the contributing writer at the Nation!!!

In a discussion about why black kids in the ghetto kill each other expensive basketball shoes, Mychal, a particularly moronic moron, said THIS:

Yes!!! It’s all true!! Black kids kill each other to get expensive shoes in order to deal with poverty! That’s some pretty impressive analysis.

In the same breath he says that it’s just the same as white people on Black Friday. I’m not sure why that is, but I KNOW it makes sense, because it’s on MSNBC, the fount of brilliance and wisdom!!


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