These Black Ladies Go Off! ‘Life’s A B*tch So Don’t Vote For One!’ (VIDEO)

The Diamond and Silk duo railed against Ted Cruz’s un-endorsement of Donald Trump and the blatant hypocrisy of pro-amnesty public servants. In the video below they show everyone with their words exactly how they feel.

Diamond and Silk are online personalities known for their active video and YouTube blogging. They are former Democrat’s turned Republican. They came to national prominence after a video went viral of them supporting Donald Trump after a Republican debate where Trump said Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked unfair questions.

One said,

“It’s not a moment. It’s a movement. And that’s what we love about it. We are making history right here.”

She continued and said that she believes Ted Cruz ruined his political career by not endorsing Donald Trump and that she hopes he goes away and shuts up. The other woman said it proved his inability to unify and build bridges between the divisions in the party. They both agreed he was no better than Hillary Clinton because he gave a pledge he would endorse the Republican nominee but then backtracked.

Diamond said,

“We are not going to let a crook off the hook. You know I hear some people say life’s a bitch, that’s why we shouldn’t vote for one. Don’t need one in the White House.”

Both Diamond and Silk contested that the protesters outside the RNC, especially the ones holding Ted Cruz signs were being paid to do so. Arguing it was nothing more than paid propaganda and didn’t represent the true core of the party or their interests.

When pushed as to why they support Donald Trump Diamond compared illegal aliens coming into the United States as people who break and enter into your home. She asked, why are we allowing people to break and enter into our home, the United States of America?

They have some mighty good points.

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