Black Lady EXPLODES Because Store Clerk Asked Her Children If They Were Dressed For Halloween!

A video leaked online shows a woman completely flipping out on a cashier who allegedly made racist and bigoted comments to her kids.

An African American woman can be seen with her children entering a place of business. Her kids appear to be wearing some type of native dresses. She walks up to one of the registers in which she asks the cashier for her manager. The woman begins to explode on the cashier asking for the manager for the purposes of complaining about the cashier’s behavior.

The black woman wanted an apology from the cashier for her, “racist ass comments”, the cashier purportedly said. The woman yells to the cashier, “you asked my son if he was going to go trick or treating tonight.” Further insisting on an apology to her kids. As the cashier tries to explain her comments were innocuous the black woman begins yelling and cursing for her to call her manager.

As the video continues the viewers are made aware the black woman’s son is wearing a traditional African garment. The woman is infuriated insisting, “where would my son be going trick or treating in September?”

When she gets on the phone with the store manager she goes off! Calling the cashier filthy and derogatory names and telling the manager they have not trained their employees well considering they are in a predominantly African American community. As the video begins to conclude she finishes by screaming that her children are some of the most respectful kids in the neighborhood who are frequent customers of the store. She threatens the cashier that should she give her children any trouble in the future there will be more where that came from.

What is your opinion? Is she an overly politically correct nut… or a good mother protecting and taking care of her kids? Post your comments below.

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