Black Liberal Snowflake Gets HIGHLY Offended By White Santa Clause On Coke Can…. FULL MELTDOWN!

The Christmas season is almost wrapping up but that won’t stop some controversy from taking place. Earlier in the month an African American man was paid to play Santa Claus at the Mall of America located in Minnesota. People were very upset at the idea of a black Santa Claus.

Everyone wants to paint these people who want a white Santa Claus as a bunch of racists. But evidence shows that the story of Santa Claus is of one that is white. Historically he is a white bearded, old man, who gives out gifts. It dates back to the 19th century. Then, Coca Cola co-opted the illustration of Santa Claus and he became an international symbol. It all began in the 1930s.

The story of Santa Claus started with Saint Nicholas of the Catholic Church. He was born in the second half of the third century to a wealthy family of Christian faith. Indicating he was likely Caucasian. Liberals are so triggered by the idea that Santa Claus was white that Selena Hill, a black writer for wrote an article called, “Sorry, America, Santa Claus Isn’t White.”



Hill goes on to explain that Saint Nicholas was born in the Turkish region indicating he was not likely Caucasian but a person of color. Thus, she feels that African American men should be playing Santa Claus. These liberals cannot even get through the Christmas and holiday season without finding something to complain about and take issue with.

Leave well enough alone. Enough is enough. Now that President Elect Donald Trump is coming into office people can say Merry Christmas without fear of response. And can express they’re upset when someone who isn’t white is playing Santa Claus. Not everything needs to be turned into a political statement. This surely does not.

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