Black Lives Didn’t Matter To These Two Dads Who Murdered Their Children

Do Black Lives Matter to #BlackLivesMatter? I have yet to be convinced.

They don’t care about the 70% of blacks born without fathers. They don’t care about the blacks being gunned down as a result of gang violence. They don’t care about the poor quality of inner city schooling that’s failing an entire generation of blacks.

To liberals, black lives only matter for the purpose of furthering political narratives. Case in point – here’s yet another case that BLM won’t even mention. Downtrend reports:

For some reason the Black Lives Matter discussion can never involve the people who actually take the most black lives: other black people. They should change the name of the movement to “Black Lives Matter Sometimes.” Just this week there have been two black men who murdered their own young children and there isn’t a peep of outrage to be found. If a white police officer had killed a violent black suspect it would be lights out, but black guys kill black babies and nothing.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that on Sunday Darrylone Shuemake Sr. (left) got into an argument with the mother of his 5-year old son. Because he has never attended anger management classes, he settled the fight by dousing the bedroom with an accelerant and setting it on fire.

He then left the Vellejo, CA home, perhaps not understanding that fire spreads. The blaze ended up killing the couple’s young son Dayleon Seil-Shuemake and injuring his 13-year-old brother. Baby mama Lametricias “Mickey” Seil-Flood suffered third-degree burns over most of her body. Shuemake was arrested and charged with murder.

A couple of days later in Missouri, as reported by CNN, another domestic situation ended in a similar tragedy. Diata R. Crockett (right) forced his wife and 3 of their 6 children into a rental car at gunpoint. When the vehicle stopped, the mother took the opportunity to exit the vehicle and run away with the couple’s 8-month-old son in her arms. Crockett got out and shot at the fleeing woman, but hit the baby instead.

A passing motorist picked up the woman and the wounded child and drove them to the hospital. Crockett gave chase and tried to run the Good Samaritan’s car off the road. At the hospital, 8-month-old Reign Crockett died from the gunshot wound inflicted by his own daddy.

I suppose if these men were police, then it would’ve mattered? BLM “logic” is hardly logical.

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