Black Lives Leader Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer After He Was Caught Doing This To Women

Tyree “Sir Maejor” Conyers Page is a prominent and well known Black Lives Matter activist who was caught impersonating a police officer. He has vociferously spoken against police, their tactics, systemic racism and spewed anti-cop propaganda.

He has been arrested on several occasions for impersonating police officers in the Atlanta, Georgia area. This must be some type of projection. Clearly he deeply wants to be police officer. Two years ago in 2014 the police found him with a woman who he had handcuffed outside a gas station. He was clothed in a police officer uniform that was from the Atlanta Police Department. He had a .45 pistol and a duty belt.

Their was another incident in which Sir Maejor was seen at a MARTA Five Points Station on October 14th, 2015. He was again wearing a bulletproof vest and full duty belt like the previous time. He possessed a fully loaded Glock .45, two extra loaded magazines, two pairs of handcuffs, OC spray, a baton, a Taser with more cartridge, as well as a makeshift ID card which said his duties fell under the role of a fugitive apprehension officer.

During that incident he was verbally harassing and screaming at MARTA patrons. While telling them they could and could not stand in certain places. Sgt. Knapp who’s a real police officer witnessed his actions and odd behavior and arrested him after finding out he wasn’t a real officer.

This year he had more police impersonation charges. This last January he conned security guards at the Sloppy Page establishment which is a state building. He claimed he was an FBI agent. Which is an even more serious crime then just impersonating a state police officer. It worked. He worked his way into the Secretary of States corporate records office, unfortunately.

Conyers even met with Congressman John Lewis to discuss support for Black Lives Matter.

Sir Maejor and congressman 2

Clearly his jealousy and envy of police officers is what makes him speak out against them. Since he cannot be one he impersonates one. Which speaks to a fried mental state in need of psychiatric help.


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