WATCH What Happens When Black Lives Matter THUGS See A 71yr. Old TRUMP Supporter (VIDEO)

Bet you big time that NBC, ABC, or CNN won’t be covering this story. They tend to stay far away from reporting the truth.

However, the good thing about truth, is that truth…is still truth, even if idiots like the ones you find in mainstream media don’t believe it.

Although for the most part, they see the truth, know it’s truth…but still choose to believe the lies.

Which is my favorite definition of ‘STUPID’

Anyhow, this is about BlackLivesMatter and their so-called ‘peaceful protesters’ causing quite a lot of ruckus. Trump was visiting Philadelphia to meet with Black leaders.

Of course, to Black Lives Matter, that is the PERFECT opportunity for them to protest, so … there were protests. The biggest story to come out of that is about 71-year old Jerry Lambert.

A Democrat, for Trump!

He went to see Trump and along with him took a handmade sign that simply read…

‘Democrat for Trump’

This enraged one of the BLM protesters, Asa Khalif, who eventually had the audacity to grab the sign (that didn’t belong to him) and rip it up.

Of course, they started to rumble and a fight broke out, this is when Police had to step in.

This is also when Lambert was escorted away. Yes, Lambert. Not the FAKE ‘peaceful protester’ who physically grabbed what wasn’t his and ripped it up.


I’m sorry, but have we forgotten about our 1st Amendment? People have the freedom to express their political beliefs, just as others have the right to express any opposing views as well.

Just…keep your hands to yourself, off other people’s property.

If you can’t control your actions then stay the hell home.

Just saying…

Regardless of what that idiot in the White House condones through his silence… violence created by BLM is NOT ok.

The only reason they haven’t gotten their crap pushed in already for being utterly lawless, is because everyone else is doing their best to follow the law!

They have just been lucky so far. But when they push the wrong buttons on the wrong people at the wrong time…

They won’t have any time to be grabbing people’s signs to rip them up…they’ll be too busy running.

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