Black Lives Matter Thugs BRUTALLY Attack 71-Year-Old Trump Supporter For Doing This—WATCH

Problems arose at a Donald Trump appearance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when protesters and pro-Trump counter protesters showed up. One man walked into the middle of the crowd holding a ‘I Love Walls’ poster. The man was Jerry Lambert.

He is a 71 year old support of a Trump who wore a white suit and a red tie and he had on him here giant signs that read, “Democrats for Trump”, “Jail Putin”, and “I Love Walls.” Look here below on social media.

Soon the man was right in the middle of a group of Black Lives Matter protesters which was bound to be a issue. The group included Asa Khalif who was on video camera seen grabbing onto Lambert’s sign. He proceeded to tear it and throw it to the pavement. It took place on North Broad Street. This was reported by the PhillyVoice.

Police broke up the fight and Khalif exclaimed,

“I did not touch him! I touched the sign!”

Watch the altercation on video here,

Lambert was upset though and said,

He assaulted me. He knocked me on the head. I have a First Amendment right to picket peacefully. He’s not peaceful. … I’m a peaceful protester. First Amendment gives me the right to protest in a peaceful manner.”

He went on to tell PhillyVoice about his support for Trump,

He’s he only candidate who has the nerve to tell the truth about what’s happening in this country. Unemployment is 20 percent, not 5 percent that the people in Washington tell ya. Israel has a wall. There was the great Chinese wall of China.”

The lieutenant said that officers on the scene maintained they didn’t see anything that warranted an arrest. When Lambert cooled down he told the cameras that it wasn’t a big deal. He said,

If I was in any other country, they’d hang me from a tree. God Bless America. We can’t do this in other countries. They have a right to protest, but when someone grabs your property, that’s going over the line, and it almost got there. They have a right to scream and yell, but I do, too. That’s what makes our country so great.”


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