Black Lives Matter? Black Man Makes 3 Year Old Boy Smoke Weed And Filmed It (VIDEO)

This is horrifying abuse of a toddler. What does this guy think he’s doing? Lamel Yancy must be high, literally. Not only does he think it’s a good idea to teach his 3-yr-old nephew how to smoke pot but he decides to video it. Wait… not only does he give the toddler pot and videotape it, the asshat posts it on his personal facebook page.

Wow this conjures up so many questions like, what kind of friends does Lamel have who would think that facebook post was funny, acceptable, appropriate? What kind of mom would allow her toddler to be in the care of Lamal? How long had the toddler been made to smoke weed because he sure looks like a pro at it? What kind of society do we live in where ANYONE could do this to a child? At this age the toddler doesn’t have the ability to say no drugs let alone understand what drugs are.

This happened in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The video showed the child unrestrained in the backseat of a car, while Yancy began to smoke marijuana in the driver’s seat. The child took multiple drags and even referred to it as “weed.” In the video, Yancy said repeatedly that the child “is high,” but continued to offer the drug to the child. Police said the child’s mother appeared to be present in the video, sitting in the backseat with the child. She objected multiple times to Yancy offering the marijuana to the child; however, Yancy replied he “will smoke more” with the child later.

The local police were originally investigating Lamel’s facebook page regarding a burglary. The investigator found this video on Lamel’s page and had him arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and assault. What a dumb dude. What a nasty dude. He has no moral character or conscience or humanity to disrespect a child in this manner. Will the toddler grow up with an addiction? How will this affect him? I’ve got to stop asking questions… watch this video, it made me cry:

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