Black Lives Matter Cop Killing Thug Gets ANNIHILATED By Judge! (VIDEO)

A judge lays the smack down on a man who killed two Tampa police officers. Dontae Morris is sentenced to death and the judge had a few words to say.

The reporter said you could hear a pin drop and the audience was instructed not to act out loud. The family watched their family member get sentenced to death for the premeditated murder of two Tampa police officers.

The families of David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab lost their family member. These are two men who decided to work for a living and not be a loser.

They were killed by a loser who thought it was OK to murder people.

It’s not OK to murder people.

It’s OK to act like a human being, and good human beings don’t kill each other unless there’s a good reason. A good reason to murder someone would be if you witness someone getting raped by Hillary Clinton and Obama’s refugee migrants and you just happen to have a gun, so you shoot the rapists and save the victim.

Watch the video.

While I don’t know if that holds up in a court of law, but it would be a good deed in my eyes. Of course, that just my opinion. That is NOT law nor rules to live by and don’t come knocking on my email door if you get charged for murdering a rapist.

Unfortunately, I’m not a judge, so don’t kill a rapist if you see one. Just let the court handle it.

If I was a judge, then I’d give you a medal and a participation award.

I repeat, do not kill anyone after reading this article. This site is not responsible for your actions.

Ben Shapiro once said, “act like a human being” and we should probably listen to that.

It’s really not that hard.

Dontae Morris acted like a savage and now he’s on death row.

Don’t be like Dontae.


Picture credit goes to Florida Private Investigator Bill Warner.

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