Black Lives Matter Cop Killing Thug Get’s Brutal Justice From Judge [VIDEO]

Some people think they are just born to kill. Dontae Morris is one of those guys. His long run as a bad ass thug came to a halt after a 5 people killing spree in the spring of 2010. He was recently found guilty of one of those murders. In the case of murdering 2 police officers in 2010 in Tampa the judge handed down the sentencing.

Fist the bailiff said that anyone showing any emotion in the courtroom would be found in contempt of the court. The entire trial had been pretty emotional because the Police Officers were very respected in their department.

emotional day dontae

According to American News this VIDEO footage has recently gone viral

Judge is seen handing out Dontae Morris punishment for killing two Tampa police officers. A reporter who was in the courtroom at the time of sentencing said that, “you could hear a pin drop in the courtroom it was so silent, and the audience was instructed not to act out loud”. Family members of Morris the murderer and of Davis Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab, the police officers who were killed, were in the courtroom.


This wasn’t Morris’ first rodeo. Having already been convicted of 2 other murders Morris finds the courtroom a familiar place. This is however his first death sentence… wonder if he’ll learn his lesson now?

*On May 18th Morris killed 20-yr-old Derek Anderson for selling weed in his territory.

*Then on May 31st Morris killed Rodney Jones outside a Tampa nightclub, shot him in the face.

*Harold Wright was supposedly murdered on June 8, 2010 by Morris in a drug deal gone bad (this hasn’t yet gone to trial).

*Recently the Tampa police Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab murdered on June 29, 2010 were vindicated by court’s decision to put Morris to death for their murders.

WATCH the entire news story HERE:

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