Black Lives Matter Leader Rashad Turner Quits, Throws Entire BLM Movement Under The Bus!

Rashad Turner is a former leader of Black Lives Matter in Minnesota. He’s also a failed congressional candidate in that state. Among his credits is forcing a longtime special education teacher named Theo Olson to retire over a Facebook post. He has now officially separated from BLM over their stance against charter schools. One thing that is not being reported here though is how Rashad called a sixteen-year special education teacher a ‘white supremacist’. Simply because the teacher expressed his opinion of BLM on Facebook. For that heinous crime, he was suspended by the school district and then decided to voluntarily ‘retire’.

Turner says that Black Lives Matter is on the wrong side of history when it comes to charter schools. You’ll remember it was Turner’s Black Lives Matter group that was captured on video chanting, “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” Just because he has left BLM and seems to be throwing them under the bus, does not mean he’s still not a racist radical and a stone cold cop-hater. His actions have fueled resentment against the police and have provoked violence. This is not a good guy.

From Blue Lives Matter:

Black Lives Matter Leader Rashad Turner Quits, Claims Group Is On ‘The Wrong Side Of History’

Rashad Turner, the former leader of Black Lives Matter St. Paul, is joining a nonprofit organization that actively opposes Black Lives Matter for their stance on charter schools.

One of the six demands issued by Black Lives Matter deals with charter schools, specifically their intent to enact a moratorium on them, alleging they perpetuate unequal federal funding and further racial disparities. Rashad Turner believes that charter schools give families greater choices on where they send their children to school.

Rashad Turner is now joining Minnesota Comeback as their director of community engagement, which has already dedicated $2.7 million worth of grants in support of public and charter schools. Minnesota Comeback also supports the Minneapolis program called Grow-Your-Own, which strives to develop more black teachers in public schools.

Daily Signal reports that Turner said, “To hear Black Lives Matter national and NAACP national come out with a moratorium on charter schools put me on the opposite side of the table, and I believe it put them on the wrong side of history.”

Turner separated from the Black Lives Matter movement in early September. He has failed at getting on the school board there and at running for office. He is your typical community organizer and a Marxist. Even conservative outlets are painting the man as some kind of reformed saint now. I don’t buy it for a minute.

While I hope he does help black families get the education for their children that all kids deserve, I am not mollified into believing that Turner has suddenly set aside his cop-hating ways. Did you know at one time he wanted to be a cop? Then he turned to community organizing and social justice endeavors. What I believe about Turner is that he is out for himself in the end and he will do things that make him look good in a political light. Color me skeptical that he has turned away from his BLM ways.


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