Black Lives Matter Leader Rashad Turner Quits Because Group Isn’t About Black Lives

Leader of the Black Lives Matter movement Rashad Turner decided to leave because he didn’t like how things were going. He released a statement of demands which had zilch to do with human or civil rights.

His objection stems from their stance on charter schooling. While the movement is in favor of mandating a moratorium on any and all charter school he doesn’t agree. The group says charter schools provide for unequal federal funding which perpetuates racial inequality.

Turner has a masters degree in educational leadership. He disagrees with the group because they’re making up their own version of the truth which isn’t based in reality. He believes that charter schools are actually a positive thing for African American neighborhoods. Furthermore, he argues that it is because they give families the chance at a greater choice on where to send their kids to school.

Turner’s difference with the Black Lives Matter movement is very strong. So, he decided to leave his local Black Lives Matter organization. It was a year and a half that he had been working for them. However, he maintains he is proud of the work he did, spreading lies about police… which is unfortunate.

The St. Paul Police union said,

Rashad Turner of Black Lives Matter St. Paul in particular, once again used video released without context to fuel the flames of an anti-cop sentiment that is irresponsible, inaccurate, and dangerous to St. Paul Police Officers and St. Paul residents alike.”

In the recent past under Turner the Black Lives Matter movement in St. Paul disrupted the State Fair. The protest included off 500 people. They accused the fair of practicing racism.

Governor Mark Dayton maintained he supported affirmative action at fair booths in order to appease the group he so fears. Turner organized a protest to March at the Governors mansion in response to his response.

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