Black Lives Matter Members Blocking Traffic Hit Get WRECKED by Cars! BOOM!

Black Lives Matter supporters blocking off highways will do more to boost support for Donald Trump than anything else. Do they realize that they’re turning hundreds of thousands of people against their cause when they pull stunts like that?

I’d like to send a memo to Black Lives Matter: Blocking off highways isn’t just pointless. It isn’t just a waste of time for citizens who have nothing to do with what you’re protesting. It isn’t just going to turn more people against your cause.

It’s dangerous. Back in July an ambulance was stopped due to these idiots blocking off a highway, and it had to drive a route thirty minutes out of the way to get to the hospital. It’s a miracle that nobody died as a result (not like any of the protestors would’ve cared anyway, because the death wouldn’t have been caused by police).

It’s only a matter of time until someone gets killed thanks to them.


Well, that’s unless people take things into their own hands. I imagine a couple of you wouldn’t be hitting the breaks had these imbeciles attempted to block off traffic when you were coming down the highway. Here are just a few others who think the same way…

Via Dennis Michael Lynch

Serves them right.

How many working class Americans were made hours late from work thanks to them, costing them money they needed to earn? How many people did they prevent from coming home to their children for hours?

In most States, what these “protestors” (I think “criminals” or “thugs” is a more appropriate term, personally) are doing is completely illegal. As much as I enjoy people taking the law into their own hands, it’s time for police to round these people up next time they block off a highway and send them off to jail.

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