Black Lives Matter Protesters Celebrated NYPD Officer’s Murder Outside Harlem Hospital


“Police Officer was a true African American. Immigrant from Ghana, family of cops. His life mattered”

via GWP: Some Harlem residents are cheering the news of the murder Tuesday night of New York City Police Officer Randolph Holder, a five year veteran and immigrant from Guyana who was killed in the line of duty, according to a report by former NYPD officer John Cardillo posted to Twitter.

Randolph Holder NYPD
Officer Randolph Holder, image via NYPD.

“Getting really disturbing info from cops at Harlem Hospital that residents, some ID’ing as #BlackLivesMatter, are celebrating cop’s death.”

Cardillo’s information was not confirmed, however his NYPD sources throughout the night of the shooting have sadly been proven accurate.

One poster on Twitter cheered the shooting of Officer Holder.

Shoutout to the guy that shot the pig in Harlem ??”

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