Black Lives Matter Protesters Hurl Racist Insults at a…. BLACK COP (VIDEO)


From Truth Revolt:  A 5-minute LiveLeak video shows a black woman unleashing a stream of profane verbal abuse at Minnesota police – one black cop in particular – guarding the front of the 4th Precinct police station from black lives matter activists who have occupied the area.

In the video, an unidentified woman spews vile insults at the black officer, calling him an “Uncle Tom” and urging him to kill himself. She also compares him to the late pop singer Michael Jackson and asks if he would like to bleach his face. The heavyset woman also mocks a nearby white officer for his weight. Another unidentified protester can be heard egging her on.

The occupation of the block in front of the police station began after the police shooting of 24-year-old convicted felon Jamar Clark on November 15th. Clark was shot when police responded to a call that he was allegedly beating his girlfriend. Police claim that Clark grabbed an officer’s gun; Clark’s advocates claim he was handcuffed when shot.

According to Breitbart, the police station, which black lives matter activists in Minneapolis call “the pig pen,” has been assaulted by protesters using rocks and Molotov cocktails. Molotov cocktails.

Minneapolis, you may recall, is where black lives matter protesters earlier this year chanted, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon,” the day after a Texas Deputy Sheriff was assassinated in Texas. Nonetheless, the protesters have garnered high-level support from Democrats Sen. Al Franken and Congressman Rep. Keith Ellison; the latter has visited the occupation site several times.

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