Black Lives Matter Rejects BBQ Peace Offer Deal— Calls Them Pigs

Videos went viral when white police officers had a cookout with Black Lives Matter activists rather than having a violent rioted confrontation. People had hope that the contention between police officers and the African American community had slightly diminished and that real progress was made. But apparently not as much as we had hoped.

The Oakland Police Department tried following the other officers leads by offering a picnic as a gesture of good will and reached out to the local Black Lives Matter movement. They invited them to participate in a barbecue style dialogue. But the Black Lives Matter activists shut them down. The group’s spokeswoman flatly rejected their genuine and kind offer and even going as far as to call the officers “pigs.”

Karissa Lewis told KTVU, a Fox News affiliate,

A BBQ is definitely not going to stop this blockade. And as a radical-black farmer from East Oakland, I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them,” she said.

Her comments were made during a protests and she used the mic-check call and response technique in order to get her followers support. All the cops were trying to do was duplicate the good will created by officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. They were stopped dead in their tracks by this hateful fear monger.

One officer who participated in the Baton Rouge/Dallas cookout told CNN,

“I’ll never know what it’s like to grow up in a minority community. But I can try my hardest to serve them the best I can. If I need to dance a little goofy and do the cha-cha slide to help people see that I’m a real person and that I do care and that I trust you, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Regardless of this horrid woman’s actions the Oakland Police Department says their offer still stands.


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