Black Lives Matter Scumbag Warns Media of Impending Race War on Whites (VIDEO)

race war

Last spring, some demonstrators formed outside NFL headquarters after Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 performance to protest her anti-cop performance with her dancers dressed as black panthers and anthem ‘Formation’. Instead of anti-Beyonce protesters the sidewalk filled with Black Lives Matter protesters and one of those protesters said that America is not far from having a race war.

Some people felt it was offensive, especially towards law enforcement. Yet, Black Lives Matter wanted to counter-protest. One of the BLM protesters was Kalief Matellus. He said that he believed a “race war” was on the horizon. Ariel Kohane, the only anti-Beyonce protester an hour into the protest was soon surrounded by self-described Black Lives Matter counter-protesters who verbally abused him and accused him of supporting police officers who shoot innocent black people. One protester shouted “KKK” to Kohane, who is an observant Jew. Another yelled at Kohane, “You want police officers to shoot black people.”

The entire VIDEO is below but it basically goes like this:
Man:”There’s going to be a race war, it’s looking like”

Reporter: ” You said there’s going to be a race war?”

Man:”That’s what it’s looking like, honestly. There’s no justice. People get mad at Beyoncés video but not getting mad at the actual video of people getting shot down without a weapon.”

Man:”Black people, we not gonna keep taking it. You all keep killing us, we aren’t gonna keep taking it, it’s gonna be a war, honestly, I’m giving it up here.”

The man didn’t look particularly angry while talking, he looked more of matter of fact. It seemed like it was a discussion he’d already had before and it was more of his personal analysis than a threat. The lady next to him kept agreeing with what he was saying. It is obvious that within America the pressure is building to what end, I don’t know. But level heads and sane minds are not in charge of the knee jerk reactions as various communities are figuratively and literally set on fire by miscommunications, misunderstandings, misinterpretations and general frustrations. WATCH the videos below to begin to understand that THIS war is a lot more plausible than you think:

Beyoncé’s music video almost broke the internet when it was released last spring. At 4minutes 23 seconds into the video there’s a small black boy dancing in front of a line of police in riot gear. The boy is wearing a black hoodie and his hands are up in the air. Flashing on the screen during his talented choreography:

“STOP SHOOTING US”. While it doesn’t pop up until the end, you can feel throughout the video that Beyoncé is proud of where she comes from but has concerns and questions about race. I can hardly blame her to have questions when we have a President and media doing what they can to stir up feelings of racial inequality. However, Beyoncé of anyone should also recognize the opportunities America offers to everyone within these borders. WATCH her music video.

Sorry for the fowl language… but it truly is expressing Beyoncé’s feelings and frustrations and pride and that she is ready to be a soldier and stand up for all that she believes in which is her family and culture. I disagree that either of those are under attack but Beyoncé has been made to BELIEVE that they are and THAT is the cruxe of our entire situation…
beyonce formation stop shooting us

In support of Beyoncé SNL did a hilarious spoof called: ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’. Yes, it’s funny and really sarcastic. But the sarcasm in it expresses how some black people see white people… or how leftists assume white people see black people. It would helpful to understand what is going on in Milwaukee and Dallas if you can try to look at it from the point of view of a Black Lives Matter person. Yes, their belief is filled with misconceptions but it doesn’t erase the fact that they believe it and that belief will continue to drive them to react. Enjoy this video:

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