Black Lives Matter Slimeball Who Called For ‘White Lynching’ Thanks Dallas Cop-Killer

A former black activist thanked the man who shot several police officers in Dallas just a few days ago. He previously called for the lynching and hanging of white people and cops one year ago just prior to the execution of a deputy in Harris County, Texas.

In late August 2015 Breitbart reported on it. They found that Black Lives Matter and F**k Yo Flag protesters were inciting violent communication. They encouraged others via the radio to turn the tide and murder while people and cops in order to send a message about the large number of dead African Americans.

The deputy was Darren Goforth who was murdered while at a gas station in the northwest end of Harris County. The members of the groups Sunshine and the New Black Panther Party also called for the killing of cops.

The liberal left tries to continue and justify these African Americans who threaten the lives of white men and women and police officers. The very thing they preach against, brutality against black people is what they are saying should be done to white people. Hatred begets hatred and violence begets more violence. Or perhaps they forgot the words of the famous Martin Luther King Jr. who is the one who spear headed the 1960’s civil rights movement.

Unfortunately, these protesters would prefer not to take head to his wisdom. Despite the fact he was very successful. While they’re all to eager to denounce police officers they have no problem begging for help when they heard gunfire in the streets while police officers ran towards the violence to help others in Dallas.

The hypocrisy of it all is mind boggling. How they are unable to see that is unfathomable.


Their behavior is unlikely to change anytime soon since they are enabled by progressive politicians and lawmakers.


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