Black Lives Matter Supporters FIRED UP Over Hurricane Matthew – Make HUGE Plans To Go On Looting Spree

Hurricane Matthew is running through the Caribbean and has headed to Florida. The east coast of Florida is expected to be hit the hardest and the Governor has sent out evacuation warnings. Now in spit of this all Black Lives Matter activists are planning on doing something abhorrant. Most people are buckling down and stocking up. But these Black Lives Matter thugs bragged via social media about what a great opportunity Hurricane Matthew is to loot stores!

Some people from Georgia and South Carolina were also preparing to loot homes and stores and they intended on doing it in predominantly white neighborhoods. Perhaps because they thought they would be wealthier and have more to steal.

One user said they hoped the hurricane came so they could get a new laptop and iPhone. While others stated directly their intentions saying they couldn’t wait for the hurricane came so they could loot. Research shows the accounts of people that these tweets came from came from Black Lives Matter activists who also looted in Baltimore and Ferguson.

The accounts also profusely complained about racism, Donald Trump, and cultural appropriation. Look at some of their tweets here,

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Unfortunately looting during natural disasters is not something new. During Hurricane Katrina it happend a lot and pictures were all over the media of people looting television and other electronics from the department stores. However, during September 11th this was not an issue.

The most unjust part of it all is that due to the hurricane and the chaos that will ensue after it and during the cleanup process those who commit crimes by looting and stealing will in all likelihood not be punished. The fact that many have evacuated and nobody is home will make it all the more easier for looters and criminals to break and enter.

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