Black Lives Matter Terrorists Announces Plan to Hurt GOP Convention… Then CHILLING “Muslim” Document Surfaces

From Breitbart


A Black Lives Matter activist who was part of the Ferguson riots posted a visual guide to urban riot wear in both English and Arabic on Twitter.

BLM advice

The tweet is significant because it was posted by Ashley Yates, who uses the handle @BrownBlaze on Twitter. Yates is a prominent protest organizer in the Black Lives Matter movement who is an advocate for violence. The Guardian quoted her in 2014 during her involvement with the Ferguson protest:

“If they can’t serve justice in this, the people have every right to go out and express their rage in a manner that is equal to what we have suffered,” said Ashley Yates, a co-founder of Millennial Activists United, who was arrested last week while protesting in Ferguson.

Yates learned organizing when she was the political chair of the Legion of Black Collegians at the University of Missouri Columbia; the group who was behind last year’s campus uprising there. Yates was not with the group at the time of that protest, however.

Under the title “Necessary Clothing and Accessories” the guide makes suggestions including:

  • Sweatshirt or leather jacket with a hood. This helps shield your face from teargas.
  • Spray paint so that if the authorities attack us, we can spray paint the visors of their helmets and the windshields of their armored trucks, blocking their vision and hindering their movement.
  • Protective glasses. (Can be bought at any metalworking or paint shop.)
  • The lid of the pot. You can use this shield when the state security beats you or shoots rubber bullets.
  • Scarf to protect your mouth and lungs from teargas.
  • Thick rubber gloves in order to protect your hands from the heat of teargas containers.
  • Shoes that make it easy to run and move quickly.

The document also suggests bringing a flower, saying:

A rose so we can show that we can do as we ought to and join together in the most peaceful way possible.

The tweet from @BrownBlaze came shortly after she’d retweeted an article from Jason Leopold discussing Cleveland’s plans to buy riot gear in anticipation of the Republican National Convention.


  From CT The Black Lives Matter movement has made no secret of its opposition to the presidential candidacy of billionaire businessman Donald Trump, calling him a bigoted racist and making numerous attempts to disrupt his campaign rallies. This is in line with its broader opposition to the Republican Party in general, which activists intend to target and harass with protests and other disruptions at the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer. Those plans took on a seemingly ominous overtone this weekend when a prominent BLM organizer named Ashley Yates, known on Twitter as @brownblaze, posted a picture diagram of the proper urban riotware that protesters should wear in preparation for street battles with authorities, according to Breitbart. The chilling part of the tweet is the fact that the diagram also included instructions in Arabic. The diagram notes the importance of protecting oneself from tear gas by wearing a thick sweatshirt or jacket and some sort of face and eye covering, as well as gloves. It also points out that a pot lid can be used as a shield and a can of spray paint can be used to hinder the vision of police by spraying it on their face masks and windshields. To be fair, it is believed that this instructional diagram originated during the “Arab Spring” protests in Egypt several years ago, hence the Arabic language instructions. That said, it is known that BLM and terrorist-supporting Islamic groups have made overtures toward each other in the past, and there is no doubt that neither Donald Trump nor the Republican party is at the top of either group’s favorites list. This tweet is fairly typical of the Black Lives Matter crowd’s feelings.  

Furthermore, Trump’s stated intention to temporarily halt Muslim immigration into this country has angered many Muslims, some of whom may be prepared to rise up and lash out at the leading GOP candidate and his party’s convention.

Whether the Black Lives Matter movement and similarly aggrieved Muslim groups really do disrupt the GOP convention in Cleveland this summer with protests and riots remains to be seen, but tweets like the instructions on how to prepare for street fights with police certainly seem to point in that direction.

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