Black Lives Thug Shoots Chicago Cop, Backup Saves Cop, Blows Thug AWAY


It wouldn’t be a week in Chicago if their was another shooting, especially by a Black Lives Matter activist. Law enforcement officials have indicated a police officer who was previously shot in the leg by a fleeing suspect has been released from the hospital. The incident took place on the South Side of Chicago. Famously known for their gun and gang violence. Making it unsurprising an event like this would occur.

The medical examiner from Cook County reported Friday they had identified the suspect as Derek Love. He is 50 years old. He was killed during the gunfire exchange on Thursday evening. Thankfully the police officer survived and is doing well.

Other police officers say the wounded cop and his partner were riding on bike patrol when an individual told them about a man in the neighborhood who was acting erratically. When the officers approached the man they asked him to end his phone call so they could speak with them. He man proceeded to pull out a gun and open fire. Both officers returned fire killing the suspect on the scene. One officer was shot.

His partner had to apply a tourniquet to his leg in order for him to survive.

Authorities have yet to release the two identities of the officers involved in the incident. A spokesperson for the Chicago police department has reportedly said both officers have been placed on thirty day administrative leave. The injured officer has been released from the hospital.

Injuries and deaths of law enforcement officials in Chicago have decreased in recent years, which is surprising considering all the hateful vitriolic rioting and protesting of police brutality around the country. The last shooting of a police officer took place several years ago in 2011.

Regardless, this is still a dangerous time for police officers considering the recent deaths of officers in Dallas.