Black Lives Matter Thug Spits in Trump Supporter’s Face (VIDEO)

Shock video footage shows a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protester spitting in a Trump supporter’s face during an event in Albany, New York last night.

“And what? And what?” the black woman repeatedly yells at the Trump supporter, who is arguing with her.

Within seconds, the African-American woman launches a glob of spit that covers the Trump supporter’s face as she recoils.

The Trump supporter then holds up her cellphone in an attempt to get a photograph of the culprit, before a number of black hands immediately go up to block the camera.

“That bitch just f**king spit in my face!” yells the Trump supporter, before another ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrator begins to argue with her.

“This is a free country!” yells the Trump supporter, to which the BLM protester responds that she is not free to bring her “hate”.

In the minds of social justice warriors, “hate” means any opinion that deviates from theirs, and once again the victim of the assault is blamed for the attack.

“We are here to protest against hatred!” screams the BLM protester, who presumably thinks that spitting in someone’s face is an act of kindness.

This video once again demolishes the media narrative that Trump supporters are violent and hateful.

In almost every single instance, it’s far left Bernie Sanders and Hillary supporters who act in the most vile ways imaginable towards Trump supporters.


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