Black Lives Matter THUGS Brutally Attack White Teen! (VIDEO)

Friday night 17-yr-old Brian Ogle was found bleeding from his head in an old parking lot of an Ace Hardware in Sylacauga, AL. His skull was broken in a few places and he was beaten so badly that he had to be airlifted to UAB Hospital. Ogle is now in critical condition.

WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, AL

Police say the attack happened after the Homecoming game Friday night. A large group had gathered in the abandoned parking lot in back of the Sonic to witness the beat down of Ogle. His mom said that he’s not only bleeding from his head but that he is also bleeding from his brain. There are no reports that any of the students stepped in to stop this criminal act. Surprisingly no video has surfaced either (taking video of horrific beat downs is a sick popular trend among millennials).

Sylacauga Police Chief Kelley Johnson says that witnesses believe the incident started because of something that happened last week involving the victim and some possible attackers. They say the argument at school was over the Black Lives Matter movement posted on social media. The teens who are accused of assaulting Ogle were a handful of black students from his school.

Mom doesn’t understand why it happen. She said that she is praying for everyone involved in the incident. While Officer Johnson admits there are rumors going around that the incident is a hate crime, he wants to assure the community they will do a thorough investigation. Ogle is white and he was beaten nearly to death by black kids who disagree with his opinion on Black Lives Matter movement. Do you believe this will not be ruled as a hate crime since he is white?

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