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“Bad vibes.” “Scary.” “Tense.” “Physical.” “New level of menace.” “Vicious.”

Those are the words used by reporters who covered the New Orleans campaign rally by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Friday evening to describe the leftist anti-Trump protesters who disrupted the rally and the reactions of fed-up Trump supporters.

There was even a report that Trump’s campaign manger was personally escorting protesters out of the rally.

“New Orleans protesters second line outside of Trump Rally at Lakefront Airport”

“Tonight was the most intense rally I’ve witnessed so far on the trail. This is just a clip:”

“NEW ORLEANS — Donald Trump’s campaign manager is having to personally escort out protesters at this rally.”

YouTube videos of protesters being ejected.

”This is a wild evening. This is one hell of a way to spend a Friday night,” Trump says, as yet another protestor gets hustled out.”

More from NBC’s Katy Tur via Twitter:

“3 interruptions so far at Trump’s NOLA event. The crowd is deafening. Yells echoing thru the hangar as they turn against protesters.”

“The thunderous echo in this airplane hangar is adding a new level of menace to the tone of tonight’s rally.”

“A group of African American BLM protesters w their hands up standing their ground for ~10 mins. The crowd is getting vicious.”

“Protesters now interrupting nearly every event. I’m told Trump team has added extra security for the crowd to throw out protesters.”

“Trump camp brought back the candidate’s old security team (pre ss) to deal with the increasingly rowdy crowds.”

“Meet Nelson, dems’ worst nightmare: lifelong dem, marched w MLK, switched party 2 mos ago. Trump’s “struck a nerve.””

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