Black Lives Matter Thugs RAGE at Dental Office’s Special Sign, and We LOVE IT!

Those people who are serving our communities; Police Officers, Firemen, Servicemen… they’re getting a very bad rap from the left. Especially the Black Lives Matter movement who are starting to preach murdering cops. Will all the disrespect being thrown around about our community service people I want to remind you; Most of them have signed a blank check for you!

For those of you who don’t know what a ‘blank check’ is, I’ll tell you. A blank check is a police officer going into communities like Milwaukee, having to put on riot gear for the first times in their career for some of them to protect the lives and property within that community not knowing if they will be home in the morning. A blank check is a firefighter running into a burning building (even those set by Black Lives Matter rioters) to locate and bring out anything living within… forgetting about their own life they’re putting in danger. A blank check is a father praying with his children and wife that he will come home safely as he heads out on his next deployment knowing that only God knows of his return.

THAT… is what a blank check is. You or I will probably NEVER have the need to set our down our lives for perfect strangers. We may not have it in us to do it… but a Super Hero does! A dental office in Jackson, Ohio believes the same thing which is why they decided to honor these heroes in a special way.

This picture was originally posted on the Facebook page Ohio Going Blue by someone who saw the sign at the dentist and couldn’t resist sharing it with the rest of America.

While Black Lives Matter types were probably super-furious over the picture, the rest of America seemed to like it. The sign from Dental Health Partners got over 3,400 “likes” and was shared over 700 times.

“I think that this a great idea,” commenter Jason Martin wrote. “What makes that group of people so great though is they probably wouldn’t park there, they would give it up for the less fortunate. God bless all of them for what they do for all of us.”

“Holzer (the company who runs Dental Health Partners) did this for all their locations I was told,” commenter Kristin Kisor wrote. “Something that makes me proud to work there, especially since my husband is a police officer.”

I wish I had more space in my front driveway to place one of thesesigns. Please take a moment today to give a smile and a ‘thank you’ to someone who serves in your community, I don’t think they’re getting much of that lately.

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