Black Lives Matter Thugs Do The UNTHINKABLE To Girl… Watch What Happens Next (VIDEO)

President Obama and Black Lives Matter have consistently over the past year tried to push the narrative that only black people are being unjustly persecuted because of their race. But another video released on the Internet debunks that ridiculous notion. A Black Lives Matter thug viciously attacked an innocent an unarmed woman. The footage is quite shocking.

Last week two young women were savagely attacked in Stockton, California after attempting to leave a Red Robin establishment. CBS Local reported that a vigil was being held by protesters to commemorate Colby Friday. He was an African American man that had been killed by police back in August of this year.

The two girls were Caucasian and were walking past the vigil while it occurred. When they were questioned by police they said they believed the attacks were racially motivated. Because if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s not a pig.

Assistant District Attorney Ron Freitas told the media that the attack involved several people who were from out of town and that their motivations for attending the protest and for attacking the girls had nothing to do with Colby’s death and the protests, indicating that it was racially motivated.

A $10,000 reward has been placed for anyone who can provide information that will lead to the capture of these barbarians. This country is a lot less safe with these animals running around. However, unsurprisingly, the mainstream liberal media has ignored this incident and it has gone largely unreported. Because of course it does not fit into the narrative of the oppression of African-Americans. It makes Black Lives Matter look bad.

In fact it makes them look racist! Which is the very thing they accuse white people of being. It also makes them the biggest hypocrites known to man. But then again, liberals have the trademark on hypocrisy.

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