Black Lives Fecal Matter Protesters Crashed Brunch At Trump’s Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Course

Patrons at the Rancho Palos Verdes golf course in La were disturbed Christmas eve morning by about 65 obnoxious Black Lives Matter protesters singing annoying “Protest Carols”. The protestors barged their way into the clubhouse uninvited and around 9:30 am found a spot in the dining hall. Breakfast guests could hardly stand the awful singing. The “Protest Carols”, used classic Christmas carols, re-wording them with anti-Trump lyrics. The BLM’s protesters used the public golf course to organize the singing protest. The golf course is located on a beautiful cliff-side with views of the Pacific Ocean and is a bit out of the way. Going out of your way to bother people who don’t care- now that is the spirit of Christmas! Black Lives Matter- the gift that keeps giving- to conservatives!

Jasmyne Cannick got video of the BML group crashing the guest’s brunch and posted it to her Twitter account.

The Black Lives Matter group butchered beloved classic Christmas carols.

I'm taking my talents to the North Pole. #carols #BlackXmas #FDT

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A few brunch goers understandably grew angry. Some surprisingly clapped for the Black lives Matter carolers. They probably felt relieved that the BLM group didn’t violently protest, like they normally do, and clapped kindly for the BLM’s generosity. No golf course representatives stepped in to interrupted the protestors. After some 15 minutes of caroling, the protesters exited the clubhouse and were greeted by Sheriff’s deputies out on the driveway. The Trump National Golf Course noted they are unable to comment on the event at this time. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department also said they did not have any information on the incident or on the way the department responded. A few guests were spotted wearing National Lawyers Guild yellow NLG hats. The NLG was unable to be reached for confirmation that any of there representatives were present during the protest.

After the singing commenced the protesters continued to demonstrate at the golf course entrance. The BLM group finished their protesting by 1pm.

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