Black Lives Matter Thugs Start Publicly Calling For Killing All ‘White People’ & Trump — Weren’t Expecting THIS To Immediately Happen

A preschool teacher went from teaching four-year-old kids how to read to telling Black Lives Matter sympathizers to KILL WHITE PEOPLE and take their money.

She expected huge results and thought it would start a race war. Judging by the inappropriate call for murder and disgusting language used towards fellow humans, it’s obvious this washed up edu-slob wanted to stir the pot and spark a blood-filled race riot.

Here she is on video, showing her true racist colors and hatred for fellow Americans who’ve done nothing wrong to her. Find me one person who has done something wrong to this woman that would suggest the world goes into a race baited civil war. We’ll be here all day waiting.

After her useless verbal tirade on white people, she waited around for the results and to experience the fruit of her labor. She did NOT expect this to happen…

After you watch her on video, then you can see the results she experienced below.

“F*ck white supremacy, f*ck the U.S. empire, f*ck your imperialist ass lives. That shit gotta go.”

“And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your f*cking White House, your f*cking Presidents, they must go! F*ck the White House.”

“Pay the f*ck up, pay the f*ck up. It ain’t just your f*cking time, it’s your f*cking money, and now your f*cking life is devoted to social change,”

What happened next? Nothing. Literally nothing. She received no results. No one cared about what she said. No one did anything. This is proof that people in America don’t buy the racially charged rhetoric. Doesn’t matter if it’s black or white pushing it, Americans don’t buy into it.

Where’s Obama? Nowhere. He can’t push this nonsense either. Obama isn’t there to back this lady up. She has no merit or intelligence left in her body.

Most GREAT Americans don’t care about race. They care about being GOOD PEOPLE, being productive, kind, caring, and living a peaceful life.

If you don’t fit into that mold, then you’re the problem. Your skin color isn’t the problem, you are! What kind of person are you? The good kind? Or the kind who enjoys nonsense by women like that?

Here’s the perfect video to describe the results this racist preschool teacher gathered with her hateful murderous speech.

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