Black Lives Pastor Who Said Pulse Victim Deserved to Die Just Got EXPOSED for Sick acts With Children

Isn’t that something? Pastor Ken Adkins recently said something that suggested that the gay people who died in the Pulse nightclub shooting deserved to die.

He made a few news waves with his unacceptable comments towards the gays who died in the attack. Gay or straight, no one deserves to be attacked in a night club and shot for no reason.

And now we see Paston Ken Adkins again, only this time it’s not for what he said, but something totally worse.

Paston Ken Adkins was charged with two counts of child molestation. I wonder if he molested boys, then had the nerve to make those terrible comments to the gay crowd in Florida.

It doesn’t matter if you’re straighter than a bent elbow, or actually straight, no one on this planet should have to worry about being shot up in a night club in the middle of the night when they’re just out having a good time.

No one deserves that.

No child deserves to be molested by this guy either. Look at him, he’s like the black Jerry Sandusky except he doesn’t work with a major college football team.

I hope he wasn’t having sleepover parties.



LGBTQ NATION – Pastor Ken Adkins of St. Simons Island, Georgia, who has led a public campaign against the rights of LGBTQ Americans, is now an inmate at the jail of Glynn County, charged with two counts of child molestation.

Adkins, who also goes by the title, Bishop, has been busy of late tweeting about the massacre in Orlando, Fla. His two accounts are protected from public viewing now but the Florida Times-Union reported this is what he tweeted Monday:

“Dear Gays, Go sit down somewhere. I know y’all want some special attention; yall are sinners who need Jesus. This was an attack on America.”

That was followed three hours later by another tweet, which refers in part to a controversial effort in nearby Jacksonville, Fla. to add protections for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people to an existing anti-discrimination ordinance. Adkins served as a panelist on one of the community forums convened last December to consider the expansion, which ultimately did not happen.


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