Black Lives Protester Kicked From Trump Event Held Armed Rally To Kill Cops


Saturday, A “Black Lives Matter” protester infiltrated presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign event in Birmingham, Alabama. Video taken by attendees shows the protester being taken down by security & Secret Service agents after he caused a commotion and Trump told them to “get him out of here.”

Video shows Mercutio Southall, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, shouting “black lives matter!,” and flipping off those attending Donald Trump’s event.

Twitter went wild over the video, with some claiming that a “white mob” attacked Southall (Even though a black Trump supporter can be seen taking down Southall). Southall himself said that many in the crowd shouted racial epithets at him. No videos have been found to corroborate his story, though. What has been found, is that earlier this year Southall held an event in Birmingham where he and other Black Lives Matter protesters carried firearms in order to intimidate police, and possibly kill them.

black-lives-matter-guns 2

Asked about why he and other Black Lives Matter activists were carrying guns, Southall said, “we’re done with protests.”

Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, an activist with Southall’s Black Lives Matter group, shot & killed Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Ponder (a Navy veteran) during a routine traffic stop early this year.

It’s probably a good thing Trump has Secret Service protection now.

Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot’s Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.