Black Lives Protesters Do SICK Thing To Ol’ Glory at St. Louis Trump Rally (VIDEO)

via CT: Protesters have been inching ever closer to violence at Donald Trump rallies, and yesterday it finally happened.

A rally in St. Louis erupted into violence and a Trump rally in Chicago had to be cancelled after clashes between protesters and Trump supporters.

Part of the madness was on the part of the Black Lives Matter movement, who had promised they were going to turn the St. Louis rally into a fiasco. And they did.

There were plenty of sick stories to come out of the clashes at the Trump rally in St. Louis. However, one sick video out of the event in particular shows Black Lives Matter’s agenda, and it doesn’t have to do with stopping Donald Trump at all.

Apparently, these men thought it was appropriate to stomp on an American flag because they don’t like Donald Trump. Wow.

No matter how you feel about Donald Trump (and I think we can imagine how these protesters do) one thing is for certain: the only reason these Black Lives Matter protesters have the right to protest is because of that flag and the people who died for it.

It isn’t acceptable to say that Donald Trump’s rhetoric — or anyone’s rhetoric — gives you the right to stomp on the American flag. And, in terms of messaging, how does it help to be seen as anti-American?

Take this Twitterer, who laid it out perfectly:

“I respect people’s opinions on candidates and the right to express them legally,” Facebook user Tracey Sollenberger wrote. “I however feel you lose any sort of those rights when you start desecrating the very symbol of (the) country that gave you those rights to begin with. Gross.”

Agreed. This is one of the most disgusting displays we’ve seen from the Black Lives Matter movement yet. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s only going to get worse.

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