If Black Lives Really Matter… Why aren’t the Activists in Louisiana?

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black lives.

“Black Lives Matter” is an exclusionary slogan, and the movement ignores the real threats to black lives.

Chanting, marching, burning cars, and hashtag activism isn’t going to work unless people also are willing to see the big-picture when it comes to the issues harming black America. Here’s a hint: making black lives matter has little to do with institutional racism, white privilege and white cops.

Activism advocating that black lives matter could have much more moral authority, and could be taken much more seriously, if it focused on actions devaluing black lives. And what are those actions? Our failing education system, the epidemic of blacks being raised without fathers, and gang violence. This have very little to do with white cops and everything to do with self-destructive black behavior.

There is a disparity regarding violent death in the black community, and it’s not in regards to their rates of death at the hands of law enforcement officers. Roughly 90% of blacks murdered were killed by other blacks. Now, it is true that most whites who are murdered were also killed by other whites – but blacks kill eachother at a rate five times higher than whites kill eachother.

Speaking of issues affecting black lives, where is the BLM movement when it comes to the massive flooding in the primarily black community of Baton Rouge, Louisiana? Do the 40,000 who’ve lost their homes not matter? Does it matter that more people have died in this flooding than died under questionable circumstances from police this year? Apparently not.

Via Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson has been to Baton Rouge before – he went there in July to join an anti-police, Black Lives Matter demonstration and ended up getting arrested.   But since the devastating flood in the Baton Rouge area that has displaced thousands and taken the lives of at least 13 people – with black lives and white lives in desperate need – there has been no news of Mckesson returning to help the people of Louisiana.

What “Black Lives Matter” really means to those in the movement is “Black Lives Matter when it’s politically convenient.”

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