Black Lives Thug Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 7-Year-Old Boy After Kidnapping Him From a Neighborhood Party! MEDIA SILENT!


38-year-old Edward Radford from 5100 block of West Bloomingdale Ave is one nasty vicious dude. I’m not saying that because of his previous drug convictions and 3-yr prison sentence. He went beyond the boundaries of petty criminal activities into the land of perversion.

September 7th the Kilbourn Park neighborhood held a block party for the residents. The best way to kick up your block party is with a bounce house. The perfect way to keep kids occupied while the adults relax. The bounce house almost babysits the kids for you! That’s what one set of parents thought when they allowed their 7-year-old boy to wander off to the bounce house alone with an iPad.

That was the perfect moment for Radford to make his move. Like any nasty pedophile, Radford told the boy he should leave the party and go with him. In this case Radford told the kid he could make him “smarter”. And the boy who may not be smarter but was soon to become wiser, followed him.

Radford took him into home office on 3300 block of North Kilpatrick Avenue and duct taped the boy. He made the boy remove some of his clothing. He then took his iPad and forced the boy to watch pornographic videos with him. Then approximately 4:30 pm Radford assaulted the little boy. What a sick-o!

Fortunately for the child the assault was stopped suddenly when a man walked into the house. He saw what Radford was doing to the child and punched him. He then unbound the boy, got him dressed and returned him to the bounce house. The saddest part was the man instructed the boy not to tell anyone what happened.

The parents had no idea what happened when they saw him again. The dad even noticed some duct tape residue on his son at the party but was too involved in socializing to investigate. The entire incident wasn’t discovered until a nine days later the boy’s mother found a pornographic video on the iPad. The mother asked him about it and it took a few days before all the details of the assault were revealed. The mother was able to get the boy to identify his molester and the bystander through Facebook pictures from a community group. That’s when the father went to the police to report the incident.

The police arrested Radford and charged him with predatory criminal sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping and unlawful restraint. He could get 6-60 years in prison without parole.

Lesson: Parents watch your children at ALL times. This story isn’t very big because it’s not ‘Hot News’ but it’s important for all parents be aware that there is no place that your child is safe without your watchful eye.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.