Black Lives Thug Attacked Mother And Baby, But Then Man With Gun Showed Up And Ruined His Day!


There is no better story to report than one where I get to tell you about Good Samaritans, especially Good Samaritans who utilized their Second Amendment right to protect another in danger of their lives.

Mother and her infant in Kansas city were going about their business and doing some shopping at Walmart, and if it weren’t for two people who were at the right place at the right time with the right attitude…the Mother and baby might not have made it through the day alive.

As Mother and child made their way back to their vehicle in the Walmart parking lot, 2 men full on attacked the 39-year old Mother as she was strapping her baby into the car seat.

What kind of monsters do this to a woman and child? These two are obviously total scumbags that have just somehow found a way to take human form in this world. I mean, COWARDS! Right?

As soon as they struck this poor Mother in the back of the head, she started to scream for help, and it is those screams that were heard by two good citizens who immediately rushed in to help.

One was shot, multiple times when one of the attackers pulled out a gun. The second hero had a gun of his own and returned fire at the shooter, killing him dead.

Thankfully the baby wasn’t hurt.

The second scumbag still standing took off by foot, but I am happy to report he was caught by police later on in the day. Arthur Fred Wyatt III is his name, and on Tuesday he was charged with attempted FIRST-degree murder charges, aggravated kidnapping and attempted aggravated robbery.

Which makes one think, he will be put away for a very long time…back in 2007 the man was sentenced to involuntary manslaughter. So the question that begs to be asked here is…

Why in the hell was this a-hole on the streets, with a gun?

This is just ANOTHER reason why the government needs to take their GRIMY corrupted hands off our 2nd Amendment rights. First, they obviously cannot protect us if people who should be taken off the streets are running around like hooligans and beating on women and children. Second, if someone who should be locked up is able to get a gun… THEN EVERY GOOD STANDING CITIZEN should have the right to carry without government infringing on that right.

This is a topic that gets my blood boiling because the opposition’s reasoning for pushing gun control is just so STUPID. It’s proven time and time again, in word, theory, and living example…yet their heads remain up their butts on it.

I digress..

Both Mother and child are doing well, and the 33-year old Good Samaritan who took bullets for them remains in the hospital. Our second Good Samaritan was questioned by police then released. He will not be facing any charges. Which in Obama’s America, is something to be thankful for.

Prayers for our first hero in the hospital for a quick recovery are welcomed…and if you have extra room, prayers for this country breaking free from the corruption of twisted leaders are also … ALWAYS WELCOMED.