Black Lives Thug Completely LEVELS CNN Reporter… ‘Ed Are You Ok?’


I’ll never understand the logic in the media describing those looting, assaulting innocents, and burning their own communities as “protesters.” They aren’t protesters. Those who demonstrate peacefully are protesters – these people are thugs and rioters.

In case you haven’t noticed, all hell has broken loose in Charlotte, NC, following yet another police shooting of a black man. What they’re protesting doesn’t follow the normal BLM narrative of unarmed black men being shot by racist police, as the man shot was armed, given time to drop his weapon…. and was shot by a black cop. If anyone is racist, it’s the rioters who are assaulting white people in retaliation for the shooting that had nothing to do with race.

CNN is among those referring to them as “protesters” in their coverage, but I don’t think that description will last long, considering that they’ve been assaulted on air by the rioters. As he was talking to the camera, a man behind him can be seen yelling something into a road cone. Out of the blue, a man wearing a backpack suddenly rushes into him, knocking the reporter over.

As The Blaze reported:

CNN reporter Ed Lavandera was assaulted by an aggressive protester while he was reporting live Wednesday night from Charlotte, the epicenter of violent Black Lives Matter demonstrations following two police-involved shootings this week.

Lavandera, reporting back to network host Anderson Cooper, was detailing the riotous events unfolding in downtown Charlotte when a man, appearing to be a protester, rushed the correspondent, instantly forcing him to the ground.

“Ed, are you OK?” Andersen Cooper can be heard asking.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re fine, Anderson, we’re fine,” Lavandera, visibly shaken, told the anchor. “They’re just, uh, taking out their frustrations on me.”

Cooper said: “If you need to leave that location, Ed, that’s fine. Just let us know.”

Ironically, you can bet that CNN probably favors these riots (or the “concerns”) of these rioters who are attacking them. Serves them right.