Black Lives Thug Dad Thought It Was Hilarious to Have His Kid Flip Off a Cop (VIDEO)


There’s a special place out of this world for people who are bad parents. The father of this child is a perfect example. He allegedly instructed his little boy to give a police officer the middle finger.

I believe the law states that citizens are allowed to give cops the finger without violating a law (someone verify that), but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

This video doesn’t is a perfect display on how father’s should not raise their children. This video demonstrates how little kids turn out to be people like Alton Sterling. This little boy may one day shoot a cop.

The police officers response was epic. You’d think a police officer would get out of the car, get in the father’s face, and make a point to say something. That’s not what happened. The police officer was outraged, but not because of the vulgar gesture, but more because of the poor parenting which is so often rampant in urban cultures, particularly among black males who are either deadbeat dads or nowhere to be found. The officer later responded that he was more upset that a father is poorly raising his child like this.


DOWNTREND – “My reaction was outrage,” Sergeant John Delaney with the Springfield Police Department said. “Not as a police officer, but as a parent. The general public doesn’t understand. They see the badge. They see the blue uniform.”

“I would go and rescue that little boy if he was drowning. If he was in a car accident, if he was choking on something — and I would do that and not ask for thanks,” Delaney said. “And there are 400 other police officers in the city of Springfield that would do the same.”

Will that boy grow up to hate cops and maybe kill one? Or will that father realize that everything he’s doing right now is terrible parenting?

What are the chances that father has any impact on the boys life?

What lessons does that teach us about parenting? Sure, it may have been funny for two seconds to watch a little kid do something obscene to a person of authority, but that may sit with the child for a very long time. The boy might do that to every police officer because he thinks that’s what you’re supposed to do. The boy may grow up having that poorly taught thought stuck in his head forever.

Time will tell, but someone should intervene with that father and teach him some manners.

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