Black Lives Thug Delivers Devastating Knockout Blow To Autistic Man, Killing Him (VIDEO)


This happened in 2014, but it shows just how wrong things can go and just how fast. In the UK, a 40 year-old autistic man got into an argument with a black guy on a bike. The argument seemed to end until the friend of the guy on the bike stepped up. He acted like he was going to pass the victim by and then sucker punched him. All it took was one knockout blow to kill the man. He died the following day in a local hospital.

For murdering this man, the guy only got four-and-a-half years as his sentence. The victim’s family was outraged and called it an “absolute joke.” I agree. Andrew Young simply wanted the man to follow the rules while riding his bike. That should not have cost the man his life and the penalty for taking that life was far too light.

From YouTube:

A south London man, who in an unprovoked attack delivered a fatal blow to a pedestrian with Asperger syndrome in southern England, has been handed a four-and-a-half year prison sentence, a conviction the victim’s mother called an “absolute joke”.

Shocking newly released CCTV footage shows the conversation that ended the life of Andrew Young on a busy street in Bournemouth.

The 40-year-old got into an argument after challenging a cyclist riding on the pavement.

Just as it seems like the argument has come to an end, one of the cyclist’s friends, 20-year-old Lewis Gill sucker-punched Young and with a single powerful knocked him to the ground, leaving him lying motionlessly on the pavement.

Young was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died the following day.

Young had Asperger’s, a form of autism. That meant he saw things differently than others and for his differences, he was killed. Horrific CCTV images show the fatal altercation. It is disturbing to say the least. Young never had a chance to defend himself and when he was knocked out with that punch and went down, his head hit the pavement with a sickening thud. His attacker simply walked away, unconcerned.

Despite the prompt attention of passers-by and medics, Andrew, who suffered terrible head injuries, died the following day with his mother Pamela, 71, at his hospital bedside.

Lewis Gill, 20, was identified as the killer. Gill’s mother Sherron O’Hagan reportedly described the attack as “no big deal” adding: “It was just an accident. This will all be forgotten tomorrow. He didn’t mean to kill him and that’s that. I just don’t understand what the fuss is about.” I have no words for that kind of attitude. I have to wonder if she is Muslim… what’s another dead infidel after all?

Young was known to be slightly eccentric, but utterly harmless. He was a naive and trusting man who was not street-wise. Andrew was said to be highly intelligent and spoke several languages including Arabic and Russian, but had the social skills of a 14 year-old.

Gill, who was walking beside the cyclist when the dispute began, claimed that Andrew made a racist comment and that he believed a knife or gun was about to be pulled. But Pamela, who was heard to gasp in court as she watched the blow land, says: “You can see that Andrew didn’t cause Lewis Gill any harm.” You just know this guy is lying… it’s plain as day when you watch the video. Where is justice here? As is so often the case these days, nowhere to be found.

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