WATCH: Black Lives Thug Just Faced The Judge, And Gets INSTANTLY DESTROYED! BOOM!


It is always easy to talk the talk but a persons true character is defined when they are forced to walk the walk. They either do or they don’t. A Black Lives Matter rioter thought he was tough until a judge gave a sentencing that shocked him and rocked him to his very core. Perhaps he will learn his lesson this time.

In a Hamilton County courtroom a man admitted to murdering someone and he was officially sentenced for his crimes. By his reaction he clearly did not think he would have to suffer the consequences of his actions. He plead guilty and attempted to drop that plea but it did not work.

Family members of the victim asked for a life sentence while his family begged for mercy. Not surprisingly. As a result of those testimonies and the trial the judge sentenced the suspect to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

As soon as his sentence was given to him he collapsed to the floor in tears and was subsequently forced to his feet but police officers. He proceeded to wail in tears longer as the judge spoke. The family of the victim told the media and reporters that this sentencing and the harshness was their first step towards real healing.

Animals like this who have no respect for human life other than their own should be locked up and have the key thrown away for life. It certainly would at least partially make up for the loss and tragedy that they caused – Yet never really being able to fully repair it. Fortunately for him though it looks like the death penalty was not on the table so that was something he did not have to worry about or take into consideration. Here’s hoping he is miserable in there for the rest of his days.

Watch the sentencing.