Black Lives Thug STABS White Man — What He YELLED As He Did It Is What’s REALLY Sickening


Wait..I thought only whites are racist.(SHOCKER). It seems the only lives that matter to thugs is black lives.

Glad they are charging this bastard with a hate crime. And actually I’m shocked they are even reporting this. Black lives are going to continue these attacks. Be prepared!

From Chicago Tribune

A Far South Side man has been charged with a hate crime after he stabbed a security guard who had just gotten off from work and was crossing the Washington Street Bridge in the West Loop, police said.

Leroy Willis, 45, of the 11000 block of South Wentworth Avenue, was charged Tuesday morning with aggravated battery, hate crime and aggravated attempted robbery in the attack against Todd Light, 49, police said.

The attacker yelled, “I hate (expletive) white people, give me your wallet,” and stabbed Light twice, he said. Light said he wrestled with Willis and managed to hold him and force him to drop the knife. Read More

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