RACIST Black Lives Thug Tells ‘All White People To Get To The Back’ WATCH!


The Black Lives Matter movement loves to preach about equality yet they were caught discriminating against white people while at a rally in which a leader with a megaphone told all the white peoples to go to the back.

Outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week, the Black Lives Matter group from the city were putting together a March, a protest of sorts to prove whatever point of the moment they were trying to make.

In doing so, a woman ordered all white people go to the back… watch below.

Now, if a white person said that, the mainstream liberal media would be alllll over that. Yet we don’t see much of it being reported on. The woman proceeded to say, “this is a black and brown resistance first.”

Certainly a racially divisive and hateful statement to say to people who were simply trying to help you. You want white people to support you and stand up for you, and then those who do, you segregate and discriminate against. That makes no sense. Unless the reason is because all you want to do is have an excuse to complain and moan.

Martin Luther Ling Junior would be rolling over in his grave right now. This is the racist and xenophobic behavior that people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton are OK with and endorse. This is the type of behavior that when encouraged leaves police officers dead like in Dallas. The Democratic party and their political peons have done nothing but encourage these criminals.

Unfortunately, their behavior has become progressively worse as time has gone on and it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. This is the modern Democratic party. Make sure to go out and vote in November for this is what you’ll get by default.