Black Lives Thug Tries To Kill NY Cop – Cop Blows Him AWAY


A police officer shot and killed an armed suspect during a shootout on Sunday night in a University Hill neighborhood. The officer has now been identified. The officer was Joseph G. Mauro III and he had stopped his car at about 10:52 P.M. because vehicle tail lights were not working.

Mauro was in the marked patrol car and when he went up to the car driver Deric Brown he noticed a handgun in the car and immediately ordered Brown to put his hands in the air where he could see them.

Mauro went back to his patrol car when Brown refused to show his hands. Brown subsequently got out of his car and fired shots at Mauro who returned fire and hit Brown once. When Brown fell to the ground from his injuries Mauro called for an ambulance to come and help.

Brown was rushed to a hospital in Syracuse where he died of his injuries. Authorities found the handgun. Now as a result of Brown’s death he is being given paid administrative leave while the investigation into Brown’s death continues. Police have told the media their investigation is complete and they have decided to turn everything over to the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office for review.

The victims criminal record alone speaks for itself. He had numerous weapons charges. He was charged in 1999 with third degree criminal possession of a weapon. In 2004 he was convicted of second degree criminal possession of a weapon. In 1995 he was also charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance. Clearly he had a problem following the rule of law. It makes sense why he did not follow the orders of the police officer.

But the police officer should not be punished for the stupidity and criminal behavior of a criminal. He did his job and did it well.