Black Lives THUGS ATTACK Whites— ”Rich People Got All This Money And They Not Givin’ Us None”

blm rich

Did you know that the rich people aren’t giving enough money to the black communities? According to a new VIDEO coming out of Milwaukee, that’s how some black people feel. I wonder how wealthy black people feel about this philosophy? Hillary Clinton’s charity is raking in ton’s of money… I wonder how much she’s giving to black communities.

A man being interviewed by news crews in Northside Milwaukee after violence breaks out over thug being fatally shot by police after threatening them with a gun, decided that the world wants his philosophy as to why these riots are happening. This guy actually believes what he’s saying and while it’s a confusing philosophy it gives great insight on how the black community thinks:

“It’s sad because you know, this is what happen because they not helping the black community. Like you know, the rich people they get all this money and they not like you know trying to give us none”

So basically, these riots are happening because the black community is upset that they aren’t given MORE FREE money. I came across a quote by deceased filmmaker, George Hickenlooper that actually describes what I think is going on; There’s something unique about the United States, a sense of individual rights and freedoms, and a sense of social and civic responsibility that we contributed to so much of the world. We lost that mission in the 1980s and 1990s, when we entered a gilded age, and the culture of individualism became a culture of avarice.

The man in this VIDEO below represents that avarice. HE believes that ‘rich people get all this money’…he misunderstands that wealth isn’t typically ‘given’, it is earned. There is a high chance that he was taught that wealth was given because there is a generational culture being taught that they’re not capable of going out and earning money for themselves but that they must accept what’s given to them. Perhaps this man’s mother and sisters are on welfare and he was raised in that culture that breeds only avarice and not ethic and reality.

And then of course these classy people filled with avarice believe it’s their right to infringe on others personal rights. Here’s the crazy video of Black Lives Matter hooligans yelling obscenities at each other and throwing things like a bunch of animals. The pivotal moment in this video is where someone yells “They beating up all the white people” and then starts yelling “better no white person come down Sherman, he white! Beat his sh*t b**ch, They beaten up every white person, they made the squad cars leave.”. Then you see BLM people gathering around cars, breaking windows and trying to tear white people out of cars so they can have their way with them. This is truly ridiculous and disgusting. Mom’s and Dad’s better start acting like parents and go out there and bring their teenagers and young adult kids home. There’s only so long this can continue in America before the thinking people snap.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.