Black Lives Thugs DESTROY Little Girls Police Lemonade Stand—TEXAS Cops Response is AMAZING!


It seems nothing matters to the black lives matter. What matters to them is an agenda. They could careless about anything else. Only disgusting scumbags destroy little girls lemonade stands.

God bless her heart for wanting to stand up for the families of fallen police officers. Bravo to the heroes who bought her all this stuff so she could be back in business. Good will always overcome evil. Time we all rise to back our heroes.

From CBS Dallas

A thief tried to stop a 14-year-old Denton girl from a fundraiser for the families of fallen police officers.

Mia Cagle wanted to have a lemonade stand after she heard about the deaths of the officers in Dallas and Baton Rogue.

“I asked my Mom, ‘can I please help them?’ I just really wanted to help them” she says.

So last weekend, she did – complete with “Back The Blue” signs and a gallon of Country Time Lemonade. But when she stepped away for a minute, somebody stole her bench, broke her table and destroyed her signs. They didn’t steal any money, but succeeded in taking some of her faith.

Her family called Denton Police, but they never expected the reaction they received from the property crime detectives.

“We thought, well, what can we do to show our appreciation for her support? So we decided to replace her lemonade stand,” says Detective Wade Laughlin with the Denton Police Department.

Using their own money, the detectives bought a new table, markers, posters boards, lemonade and cups. And Thursday – Mia’s 14th birthday – she was back in business. Read More

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